Director Ralph Fiennes and star Joanna Scanlon in person!

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Charles Dickens’ 13-year affair with Nelly Ternan – he was 45 and she 18 when they met in 1857– was one of literary history’s best-kept secrets until the publication two decades ago of Claire Tomalin’s sensational investigative biography of the young actress. Dickens certainly pursued Nelly hard and probably cared for her deeply, but nothing mattered to him as much as his novels and his reputation as the most celebrated English writer of the Victorian era. Ralph Fiennes stars as Dickens and directs, and he displays the same formidable skills for shaping narrative around the conflicting desires of complex characters that made his directorial debut Coriolanus so compelling; he also has a fresh, vivid sense of daily life in late 19th-century London. At the center of The Invisible Woman is Felicity Jones’s multifaceted, unsentimental performance as Nelly, who made the best of an imperfect situation and was complicit in keeping the affair secret for decades after Dickens’ death. A Sony Pictures Classics release.

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