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In 2010, following one of the largest war-crime investigations in U.S. history, Army Specialist Adam Winfield was charged with murder. His story, as chronicled in Dan Krauss’s documentary, serves as one of the most devastating and infuriating to emerge from the war in Afghanistan. When Winfield learned that members of his platoon were murdering Afghani civilians for sport, his attempts to inform his superiors went ignored. Labeled a “snitch” by the men in his unit, his life now in danger (or more in danger), Winfield was faced with the choice of going along with his squadmates or taking a stand to protect a civilian. Featuring interviews with many of the key participants—who speak with astonishing candor—The Kill Team is a deeply troubling portrait of men in combat, and the idea that the freedom to follow one’s conscience can be one of war’s first casualties. An Oscilloscope Laboratories release.

London Film Festival, 2013
San Francisco International FIlm Festival, 2013

“[A] gripping documentary” —J.R. Jones, Chicago Reader

“Drives home the emotional trauma inflicted on everyone involved” —Russell Bramdom, The Verge