The Moment Remains
World Premiere
Ebru Şeremetli, 2021, Turkey, 110m
Turkish with English subtitles
Ebru Şeremetli’s feature depicts the choreography of a dance based on feelings of “unease, anxiety, uncertainty, and obscurity.” It is about being stuck between the memory of migration and a misty view of the future, as well as the struggle of a group of dancers to collectively create, despite the prevailing darkness. The story begins with a dancer’s return to her homeland in the 2000s after having worked with various choreographers abroad. The film brings together the various layers of artistic representation and politics around the contrasting images of light and the surrounding darkness. Fragmentation of memory through violence silences attempts at coming to terms with the past. On the other hand, the streets reflect the sounds of agents of history. The Moment Remains is an attempt at discovering what movement may represent in the spiral of unresolved political murders, disappearing political prisoners, violence, war, and exile.

Preceded by 

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Jeff Kuperman, Rick Kuperman, 2021, USA, 3m
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