Introduction by Lili Hinstin on March 18

Based on an unused Ozu script gifted to Tanaka, this enchanting comedy follows a widower and the romantic prospects of his three daughters in Japan’s ancient capital of Nara during late autumn. Critics of the time noted Ozu’s influence in the film, particularly the use of the director’s distinctive “pillow shots,” the mise en scène of domestic spaces, and the casting of Chishû Ryû—one of Ozu’s regulars in the father role—but Tanaka’s controlled direction of her performers and the film’s lively, elegant rhythm are entirely her own. Tanaka also appears in the film alongside Mie Kitahara, the future “it girl” of Nikkatsu, who echoes the director’s characteristic fast and snappy acting style. Restored in 4K by the Nikkatsu Corporation. A Janus Films release.