Labarthe filmed Martin Scorsese soon after the “scandal” of The Last Temptation of Christ had begun to die down. Not sure which approach to use for the film, Labarthe and his crew simply went to Scorsese’s office and began shooting him moving around, watching rushes, etc. At the end of the first day’s shoot, Scorsese asked whether or not Labarthe was going to ask any questions; “No,” Labarthe replied, just speak whenever you feel like it. And that became the approach to this, one of the most widely-seen episodes in the series. Less an introduction to Scorsese’s work than to his world, the film includes a wonderful visit with Scorsese’s parents. (73m)

Screening with:
Scorsese at the Editing Table / Cinéastes à la table: Martin Scorsese
André S. Labarthe | 1995 | France | 30m

In one of the series’ most widely seen episodes, Labarthe and his crew film Scorsese at his office, at home with his parents and elsewhere, allowing him to speak whenever he feels like it rather than asking conventional questions; in the subsequent Scorsese at the Editing Table, Labarthe revisits the filmmaker to discuss several sequences from Taxi Driver.