The Silent Forest is available in the FLC Virtual Cinema beginning August 16. Get tickets here.

The marginalized will always be (rightfully) wary of others. Deaf teenager Chang Cheng is no exception, and is extra-cautious on his journey to a boarding school for the hard of hearing. Warmly welcomed by the insular student body, not to mention charmed by a vivacious classmate, he quickly lets down his guard. Yet it turns out that something is rotten in Denmark, so to speak, as he slowly discovers the school is hiding harrowingly dark secrets. Based on a shocking true story, The Silent Forest is a crucial exposé of corruption of the worst kind, bringing to light the unspeakable domino effects of trauma and abuse. Featuring incredibly stirring performances by its young cast, this gripping thriller is ultimately a salve of hope and redemption, while offering an illuminating glimpse into a world tragically forced into the periphery of society.