Introductions by Pierre Salvadori and Pio Marmaï on February 28

A heartfelt performance from Adèle Haenel anchors the latest comic whirlwind from Pierre Salvadori, whose In the Courtyard played at Rendez-Vous in 2015. Haenel’s Yvonne is coping with the recent loss of her husband (Vincent Elbaz), a fellow police investigator and something of a folk hero in their small Riviera town. After she discovers that her partner’s golden reputation is totally fabricated, with one faux heist resulting in the jailing of an innocent jeweler (Pio Marmaï), Yvonne strives to salvage this man’s fate—and in the process tumbles through slapsticky fisticuffs and romantic intrigue. With supporting turns from Audrey Tautou and Damien Bonnard (Staying Vertical), this brilliantly written Cannes Directors’ Fortnight standout serves up a hilarious yet tender story of integrity and redemption. Nominated for nine César Awards including Best Film, Director, Screenplay, and all four acting categories. New York Premiere

Preceded by:
Les Indes galantes
Clément Cogitore, France, 2018, 5m
At the Paris Opera, members of three Krump street-dancing collectives collaborate to perform an excerpt from Jean-Philippe Rameau’s ballet in this electrifying short documentary from director Clément Cogitore and The Trouble with You renowned producer Philippe Martin.

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