Choreographer and dance professor Hari Krishnan in person!

The Unseen Sequence finds new meanings and renewed vigor in India's classical dance tradition through one dedicated disciple. Malavika Sarukkai is a celebrated Bharatanatyam dancer rooted in that tradition but imbued with a uniquely contemporary sensibility that she exerts on this prescribed form, turning each performance into a new, revelatory experience. As a superb interpreter of Bharatanatyam's rhythmic and expressive aspects, she is the perfect guide for this investigation of an ancient art that has evolved from temple dance to court entertainment to a new, more universal model. Beautifully shot in temples and sacred sites, the film blends interviews, historic footage, and performance to create a truly mind enhancing experience.

Screening with:

PAS. Charli Brissey & Courtney Harris, USA, 2013; 3m
This delightful parody draws upon ballet’s codified steps to embody animal qualities. Pas de chat and pas de cheval are ballet staples, but take a look at this!