The Way We Keep Dancing is available in the FLC Virtual Cinema beginning August 11. Get tickets here.

This spirited quasi-sequel to the infectious 2013 hit The Way We Dance has all the right moves—and much to say about the preservation of subcultures as they’re confronted by the forces of capitalism. Adam Wong’s original, a joyous ode to Hong Kong street dancers, became a beacon of hope for young artists chasing their dreams. His follow-up is a meta-film about dance films, with dancers, rappers, graffiti artists, actors, and filmmakers uniting to prevent the gentrification of their bohemian Kowloon neighborhood. It is also a not-so-subtle satire of the whitewashing, appropriation, and exploitation of hip-hop culture. In a documentary-within-the film, Wong pays tribute to its South Bronx origins, connecting the strivers in Hong Kong with the likes of Willie “MB” Estrada, Float Master John, and Angel Diaz (aka Batch), celebrating youth-movement creators everywhere.