In Central Cuba, the Afro-Cuban ethnic group Ganga-Longoba have kept their African heritage alive in distinct song and dance despite their separation from ancestors by decades of slavery, revolution, and religious persecution. Anthropologist and director Emma Christopher films their music, while traveling across Sierra Leone, and shows people the footage to capture their recognition. In a village without road access, one African looks in wonder and says, “They are we.” Music, dance, and interviews reunite the men and women living in Cuba with their Sierra Leone kin in an overdue celebration of their shared history. An Icarus Films release.

Screening with:

Je suis un Cheval / I am a Horse
Esther Baker-Tarpaga, USA, 2014, digital projection, 12m
In this unique collaboration between dancer/choreographer Ibrahim Zongo and his horse Sabak, the two are filmed along the streets of Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, in a duet of incomparable beauty. World Premiere