New York Premiere!

Director Kaz Radwanski and Producer Dan Montgomery in person at all screenings!

Online sales for screenings at MoMA end three hours prior to showtime. Any remaining tickets will be available at the MoMA Film desk beginning 30 minutes before showtime.

For his feature debut, Kazik Radwanski has opted to train his camera with great intensity and control on a character who utterly lacks a center or direction, even an identity. In his mid-thirties yet still living at home with his parents, Derek (Derek Bogart) struggles to make a small animation about a green creature building rock towers. He can’t maintain any real friendships, let alone romantic involvements, until he encounters Nicole (Nicole Fairbairn), who offers a glint of promise. Radwanski‘s single-minded vision suggests filmmaking of uncommon discipline combined with unmistakable empathy. Travel support provided by Telefilm Canada.