Opening Night Film

Q&A with Park Beom-su, Lee Anna, Lee Hye-ri (Screen International Rising Star Asia honoree), and Park Se-wan

In a tale that’s equal parts earnest coming-of-age drama and feel-good rip-roaring romp, Victory captures the essence of what it means to be young and ready to take on the world, one cheer at a time, handing out more positive vibes than a self-help seminar in the process. It’s 1999, and in the sleepy southern town of Geoje, a group of high school girls are about to shake things up in a way that only big teenage dreams and unabashed enthusiasm can. Meet Pil-Sun (Lee Hye-ri), a girl with a passion for dancing that’s as infectious as it is unstoppable. Together with her ride-or-die bestie Mi-Na (Park Se-Wan) and the enigmatic transfer student Se-Hyun (Jo A-Ram), fresh from the “big city” (Seoul), Pil-Sun joins the school’s cheerleading club, the Millennium Girls. Soon, the group dives headfirst into the world of pom-poms and perfectly synchronized routines, all the while facing the highs and lows of adolescence in a place where everyone knows your name and your business. But with each high kick and every triumphant cheer, the Millennium Girls prove that the greatest victories are the ones that happen off the sidelines, when the crowds have gone home and all you’ve got is each other.

NYAFF will celebrate Opening Night on July 12 with its iconic Opening Night Market, featuring live music and Asian food stalls serving scrumptious delights. Those who wish to attend the Opening Night screening and the Night Market can get tickets for $50 for the General Public and $40 for FLC Members, students, seniors, and persons with disabilities. Limited capacity!