Trash Thy Neighbor
1990 | 14m

“A lively, creative presentation on the garbage crisis and the role urban young people can play in combating the problem…” —Safe Planet: The Guide to Environmental Film and Video

NYC and the Hudson River: Downstream and Up the Creek
1991 | 14m

This visually creative work highlights the importance of the Hudson River and examines the causes and consequences of its pollution, through interviews with the Hudson River Keeper and visits to the then newly constructed sewage treatment plant in Harlem.

Still Standing
2006 | 11m

The story of a determined Hurricane Katrina survivor and grandmother who struggles to survive and rebuild what remains of her home without federal emergency assistance, in the midst of a real-estate frenzy that is pushing the poor out of their communities.

Shame on You: That Can Be Reused!
2007 | 23m

A must-see intergenerational documentary that explores environmental justice and recycling in NYC’s low income communities with a focus on the South Bronx.

Screenings will be followed by a panel discussion.