Participants: Morgan Spurlock (Super Size Me), Adam Davidson (NPR’s “Planet Money”), Shola Lynch (Chisholm ’72), Braden King (Truckstop Media), and Carole Tomko (GM & Creative Director, Vulcan Productions), moderated by Neil Irwin (Senior Economic Correspondent, The New York Times)

Our lives—arguably the lives of every person on the planet—are governed by the ebbs and flows of the U.S. economic system. For many, the concept of the economy is just as abstract as time; it is something that we know affects us daily yet we can’t begin to describe why or how. Paul G. Allen’s Vulcan Productions and Morgan Spurlock’s Cinelan have partnered to produce the short-film series We The Economy to further promote awareness of the vital role that we the people play in driving these complex systems. Featuring genre-crossing shorts (scripted, animated, and documentary, five to eight minutes in length) by award-winning filmmakers; an online, mobile, and offline experience; and support from top economic experts, We The Economy aims to shine a light on how our individual decisions play a critical role in the state of our local and global financial stability. Be among the first to experience this ambitious cross-platform project at a presentation featuring filmmakers, economists, and the creators of the mobile and online elements.