Q&A with Kevin Mayuga

Starting off as a biting take on the Philippines’ COVID lockdown through the eyes of “The Guy”  (Labajo), a young drug dealer slinging dope to rich brats in a swanky condo, the social commentary quickly spirals into a wild and woolly stoner comedy. But wait, there’s more! It’s also a thinly veiled middle finger to class, privilege, and the cruel hand of fate, packed with mind-bending twists that don’t pull any punches. Its antihero is looking for a way out, and he almost finds it through a kind-hearted condo staffer who is also a potential love interest. But can their relationship survive in a world that’s going to hell in a handbasket? The director calls this a “trip,” and he’s not kidding—with its psychedelic camerawork (from DP Martika Ramirez Escobar) and production style, this rebellious fever dream never loses sight of its bleeding heart, even as it drags us through the gutter of a society on the brink.