Q&As with Eleanore Pienta, Ashley Connor, Joe Stankus, Barbara Cigarroa, Michael Almereyda, and Jason Giampietro on October 1 & 8

Eleanore Pienta, USA, 2018, 11m
World Premiere
In her funny, expressive, and dialogue-free directorial debut, actress Eleanore Pienta plays an eccentric woman trying to get from point A to point B and, in the process, finding New York City an obstacle course of casual hostility and bizarre behaviors.

The Chore
Ashley Connor & Joe Stankus, USA, 2018, 8m
World Premiere
Ashley Connor and Joe Stankus’s latest quotidian miniature follows two brothers going grocery shopping together, musing on the products they come across, reminiscing about the past, and, finally, comparing notes on snickerdoodle recipes.

God Never Dies / Dios Nunca Muere
Barbara Cigarroa, USA/Ireland, 2018, 14m   
Spanish with English subtitles
World Premiere
Filmed in New York’s Hudson Valley, Barbara Cigarroa’s captivating work of docu-fiction offers a rare, real glimpse into the secluded life of a migrant farmworker as she struggles to raise two children on her own.

The North Wind’s Gift
Michael Almereyda, USA, 2018, 19m
World Premiere
Michael Almereyda’s contemporary riff on an Italian folktale (shot in black-and-white 16mm by Sean Price Williams), in which a magic microwave ensnares a starving family and their landlord, is a delightfully peculiar moral tale of greed, trickery, and the elemental forces of nature.

Jason Giampietro, USA, 2018, 6m
World Premiere
In Giampietro’s comic latest, some friends’ dinner conversation about the impending NFL Draft becomes a frank discussion of the state of race relations within the league and amongst its fans.

To the Unknown
Michael Almereyda, USA, 2018, 6m
World Premiere
Almereyda’s reading of Kenneth Koch’s “To the Unknown” transforms footage of the everyday into a moving tribute to one of the New York School’s most treasured and inventive poets.