Extended conversation with Frank Marshall, Filip Jan Rymsza, Peter Bogdanovich, Bob Murawski, and Morgan Neville (moderated by Kent Jones and Martin Scorsese) on September 29, following The Other Side of the Wind (get tickets here).

The story of the making of The Other Side of the Wind is as engrossing and rich in character and incident as the film itself, and perhaps even more epic in scale. Morgan Neville’s documentary complements and deepens the experience of Welles’s film by placing it within the context of his life and career, setting the scene and the particular mood of Hollywood in the early 1970s, and chronicling every last creative, legal, financial, and behavioral twist and turn on the circuitous road from the first set-up to the first official screening almost 50 years later. The title, of course, comes from none other than Welles himself. A Netflix release.

Morgan Neville will participate in an NYFF Live free talk on September 30.