Taking as their subjects childhood, the transience of seasons, and our shared mortality, the 16mm films of Jonathan Schwartz (1973-2018) devote themselves to the ephemerality of external worlds and a gestural responsiveness to internal states. This program of seven, poetic films made over 15 years—combining cutout collage, lyrical camerawork, and elliptical editing—merge wonder and disquiet, elation and sorrow, moving from intimacies of fatherhood and love to contemplations of nature and culture. Curated by Irina Leimbacher 

For Them Ending (2005, 16mm, 3m)
Animals Moving to the Sound of Drums (2013, 16mm, 8m)
If the War Continues (2012, 16mm, 5m)
Den of Tigers (2002, 16mm, 19m)  
Winter Beyond Winter (2016, 16mm, 11m)
A Leaf is the Sea is a Theater (2017, 16mm to digital, 17m) 
New Year Sun (2010, 16mm, 3m)