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As discussions about reforming and expanding the cinematic canon rage on, some argue that it’s time to do away with it entirely—to imagine new and equitable structures, instead of trying to fix the old flawed ones. This roundtable discussion turns the spotlight on individuals and initiatives that bypass gatekeeping institutions, choosing instead to build alternative, collective, and grassroots methods of film distribution and exhibition. Participants include Abby Sun (curator, the DocYard, My Sight Is Lined with Visions), Vanessa McDonnell (co-creator, The Eyeslicer; programmer, Spectacle Theater), Rooney Elmi (co-founder, No Evil Eye microcinema; founding editor, SVLLY(wood)), Ajay Ram (Upside Film Festival), and Thomas Beard (co-founder and director, Light Industry; programmer-at-large, Film at Lincoln Center). Moderated by Madeline Whittle.