Ticket holders are invited to an Opening Night reception, courtesy of Cinema Tropical, before the screening.

Reminiscent of the films of Hong Sangsoo and Matías Piñeiro, Mouramateus’s debut offers a simple yet scrambled tale of love, longing, and the theater. After angering his father, António seeks refuge in his ex-girlfriend Mariana’s Lisbon apartment, where he meets Débora, a Brazilian woman on her way to Russia. Inevitably, he ends up romantically involved in different ways with each of them. Meanwhile, António’s autobiographical play—which borrows from Dostoevsky’s White Nights—complicates our understanding of his motivations and our own relationship to the film (which is also based on White Nights). As the film goes on, repetitions of scenes (with slight alterations) further speak to the ambivalence of young love. U.S. Premiere