Series November 15 - 17, 2019

Rebel Spirit: The Films of Patricia Mazuy

On the occasion of her fifth feature, Paul Sanchez Is Back! (screened in this year’s Rendez-Vous with French Cinema), Film at Lincoln Center welcomes Mazuy in person for this first American showcase of her work.
New Release


The New York Times Critic's Pick

Disillusioned Israeli Yoav (Tom Mercier), who has absconded to Paris following his military training and has disavowed Hebrew, falls into an emotional and intellectual triangle with a wealthy bohemian couple in Nadav Lapid’s powerful film about language and physicality, masculinity and nationhood.

Directed by Nadav Lapid

Series November 22 - December 04, 2019

Relentless Invention: New Korean Cinema, 1996–2003

From heart-rending romances to supernatural shockers, ultra-stylish thrillers to offbeat comedies, this survey celebrates a vital movement that’s as audaciously innovative as it is unabashedly entertaining. 
Film Opens November 25, 2019

With Merce

Merce Cunningham Centennial Screening · Introduction by Charles Atlas and Nancy Dalva

When legendary choreographer Merce Cunningham died in 2009, filmmaker and media dance innovator Charles Atlas created a compilation of excerpts focusing on their unique, longtime collaboration. To mark the Cunningham Centennial, Atlas will show this rare selection of films made with or about the artist he has called “the best collaborator anyone could have.”

Directed by Charles Atlas

New Release


25th Anniversary 4K Restoration!

Among the world’s most respected and transformative filmmakers, Béla Tarr made his international breakthrough with this astonishing, seven-and-a-half hour adaptation of the novel by László Krasznahorkai about the arrival of a false prophet in a small farming collective during the waning days of Communism.

Directed by Béla Tarr

New Release Opens January 24, 2020

Zombi Child

Bertrand Bonello injects urgency and history into the well-worn walking-dead genre with this unconventional plunge into horror-fantasy, moving fluidly between 1962 Haiti, where a young man known as Clairvius Narcisse is made into a zombie by his resentful brother, and a contemporary Paris girls’ boarding school attended by Clairvius’s direct descendant.

Directed by Bertrand Bonello


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