Director in person for Q&A at both screenings!

Rumored to have been made for about $200, Donoma announces the arrival of an intriguing new talent: Haitian-born, Parisbased Djinn Carrénard. The film is a choral piece chronicling the romantic destinies of three women. High school Spanish teacher Analia suspects that her confrontations with a student mask something else. Chris, a young photographer who’s never been romantically involved, decides she’ll bed the first man she meets, but on one condition: no talking. Salma considers herself an atheist but claims to have stigmata anyway, attracting the attention of the religious Raïné. Marked by fresh, unexpected performances, these stories expand and contract, cross, and then double back. Donoma suggests that the next great wave of French cinema might emerge not from the capital, but from young people in the suburbs armed with digital cameras.