Director Baltasar Kormákur in person at April 20 screening!

Winner of the Grand Prize at the 2007 Karlovy Vary Film Festival, Jar City begins as world-weary, seen-it-all police detective Inspector Erlendur (Ingvar Sigurðsson) examines the flat of an old man who’s been found bludgeoned to death. A fairly typical crime scene, except for one detail: a photograph of a gravestone on a young woman whose murder was never solved. Erlundur decides to re-open that case, in the process revealing a thick web of corruption that extends from dishonest cops to the genetic mapping of Iceland’s inhabitants.  A blockbuster in its native Iceland, adapted from novelist Arnaldur Indriðason’s 2000 bestseller, this compelling, sinewy police procedural by the talented actor-writer-director Baltasar Kormákur expertly ratchets up the tension throughout its crisp 93 minutes.