Director Andrei Zagdansky in person!

Tue Jan 17: 9:00 pm Francesca Beale Theater. Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center, south side of West 65th St between Broadway & Amsterdam Ave

Wed Jan 18: 3:30 pm Walter Reade Theater, north side of West 65th St between Broadway & Amsterdam Ave

Andrei Zagdansky (Interpretation of Dreams, NYJFF 1992) returns to the NYJFF with a moving portrait of his father, who was editor-in-chief of the Kiev Popular Science Film Studio. Father and son worked in the same studio for 11 years, until Andrei immigrated to New York with his family. Evgeni’s letters to Andrei and Andrei’s narrative of his father’s life intertwine, creating a portrait of the man and a particular moment in Soviet culture.


Three Promises | Edward Serotta
Serbia/USA | 2011 | 19m | Serbian with English subtitles

Through family photographs, sisters Breda and Matilda Kalef take us into the world of Sephardic pre-World War II Serbia and the dramatic story of their flight to safety. The family photo album, containing 169 pictures, remained in Belgrade. When the Kalefs returned after the war, the album was still there, but nearly all those in it had been killed. World Premiere!