New York Premiere!

Co-director Dana Doron in person at January 20 screening! Audition director Udo Prinsen in person at January 14 screening!

This powerful film examines the complex relationships three Auschwitz survivors have with the numbers tattooed on their arms. The ever-optimistic 84-year-old Gita Kalderon (76914), the realistic 84-year-old Joka Levi (A11998), and the adventurous 79-year-old Dani Hanoch (B2823) each have their own perspective, and plenty to say about people’s ever-changing attitudes toward their inescapable past as it is writ large on their skin. Hanna Rabinovitz, daughter of prisoner number 64650, adds another perspective to the mix, and additional testimonies from 30 survivors help to make it a riveting showcase of the clash between past and present, name and number, society and its symbols. 

Screening with:
New York Premiere!
Udo Prinsen | 2011 | The Netherlands | 6m

Inspired by drawings of Auschwitz prisoners, Audition depicts a young trumpet player trying out for the camp’s orchestra to improve his chances for survival. A firing squad decides whether he is admitted, while his father listens from a distance.