Due to travel issues, Nastassja Kinski will no longer be in person for this screening. Ticket buyers will be contacted. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Wim Wenders’s emotionally overwhelming, Palme d’Or–winning American odyssey is a film of oppositions: wispy, home-recorded memories and rock-solid Southwestern landscapes; long stretches of silence and soul-baring monologues; and American and European sensibilities. It instantly became a career highlight for nearly all involved: Sam Shepard; Ry Cooder; Robby Müller; Harry Dean Stanton, whose performance as a lonely amnesiac seeking out his wife and son became his most iconic screen role; and Kinski, whose absence—she plays Stanton’s estranged wife—dictates the movie’s rhythm. When she finally appears, it’s with what might be her finest performance to date, a condensed showcase of all her skill and restraint on-screen. 35mm print courtesy of the Sundance Collection at UCLA Film & Television Archive.