Don’t mess with black magic. Seriously. Norman Chu plays a cab driver whose adulterous wife is murdered by a couple of thugs. Fortunately, he ran over a wizard with his cab earlier in the day, and he gets in touch with the banged-up necromancer to help him get revenge. And get revenge he does. This movie came out of Shaw Brothers in 1983 when the august studio was throwing anything against the screen to try to get audiences to buy tickets. The wilder the better, and this one gets pretty wild. Starting like an old-school sexploitation skin flick, nothing prepares you for the dark and grimy turns this shrieking freak-out takes at about the half-hour mark. Because, see, to get revenge you have to dig up the corpse of the murder victim and then… “seed” it. Graphically. If you’ve got any personal rules about not watching movies featuring necrophilia, worm eating, or mutant births, then you should probably stay home. If you want to see tentacled hell beasts issuing from poisoned wombs and chowing down on yuppies, then you should definitely come on down. Remember to wear a raincoat, because this movie will shower you in filth. Part of Sir Run Run Shaw Tribute. Presented with the support of Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office New York and Celestial Pictures.