Godard and Gorin’s second film together and the first under the banner of the Dziga Vertov Group was financed by Italian television, a three-part study of a young revolutionary (Christina Tullio Altan) who realizes that she is not as committed as she had imagined, from a text by Louis Althusser.

Screening with:

Ici et ailleurs
France | 1976 | 60m 

In 1969, Godard and Jean-Pierre Gorin were commissioned by the Arab League to make a film on the Palestinan struggle for independence. Godard returned many times to the middle east, and he and Gorin labored for years on the project. In 1974, he returned to the footage with Anne Marie Miéville, and he realized that there was a great, yawning gulf between what he and Gorin had wanted their proposed film Till Victory to say and what the militants themselves were telling them. In the new film built from the remains of the unfinished one, Godard re-positioned himself in relation the footage, and to militant political imperatives in general.