See Godard for $10 (General Public) or $7 (Member, Student & Senior)!

Swing by the Film Center to pick up a Jean-Luc Godard tote bag designed by Nathan Gelgud for just $20!

No matter how many times you’ve seen Vivre sa vie or France/tour/detour/deux enfants or Nouvelle vague, you can never know them completely: their beauties run as deep as their mysteries, their disturbances and disjunctions are as numerous as their revelations. Whenever they appear to settle into a fixed rhythm, they upend and reconfigure themselves in order to arrive at another rhythm pitched at a higher level. Godard’s work, whether it’s on film, video or HD, unfolds like no one else’s, and shocks the viewer into a new relationship with the world and with images.

Beginning in the second week of the 51st New York Film Festival and continuing through the end of October, we’re presenting a retrospective of one of the greatest artists at work in any medium, Jean-Luc Godard. Co-curated by Kent Jones and Jacob Perlin.