Adapted from the graphic novels of Joann Sfar, The Rabbi’s Cat is a vivid, lively, and imaginative animated film co-directed by Sfar and Antoine Delesvaux. The story takes place once upon a time (not too long ago) in Algiers, where Jewish and Islamic communities existed in relative peace and rabbis and mullahs could be friends. A widower rabbi lives with his voluptuous and dutiful daughter and their pesky cat, who swallows a parakeet and begins to speak, soon driving everyone crazy by insisting on having a bar mitzvah. The Rabbi’s Cat represents two firsts in the 41-year history of ND/NF: the first 3-D feature and the first feature shown as a family film. But please note, the film isn’t suitable for young children, as it includes both violence and subtitles. Thank you to Unifrance.