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Australian filmmaker Allison Chhorn allows the viewer to feel time passing, seasons changing, and life moving on in this tactile, lovingly crafted cinematic experiment that doubles as a personal emotional exercise. Economical yet expansive, and largely wordless, The Plastic House takes place almost entirely inside and around her Cambodian family’s dilapidated greenhouse, where she oversees inspiring regrowth despite the sometimes harsh natural elements. Chhorn filters and displaces her fears about her parents’ deaths onto an intensely moving narrative of ritual, physical labor, and isolation.

Screening with The Plastic House:
Laida Lertxundi, 2020, Spain/USA/New Zealand, 14m
This embodied meditation on women’s everyday experiences and the indeterminacy of the self juxtaposes film noir motifs, field recordings, intimate interviews, documentation of a civil rights demonstration, and music to evoke a sense of being out of time and place.

Screening with The Plastic House:
See You in My Dreams
Shun Ikezoe, 2020, Japan, 19m
An affecting homage to the filmmaker’s grandmother, See You in My Dreams recounts her intimate life experiences from first love to marriage to raising children, and her evolving sense of self. Her recollections are paired with ethereal images of a stand-in for her younger self rendered through the textures of black-and-white Super 8mm film, bringing to spectral life what could have been their lost home movies.

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