On this week’s podcast, we’re sharing the Q&A from our sneak preview screening of August at Akiko’s, the debut feature from Christopher Makoto Yogi.

The film follows Alex, a musician who returns to Hawaii with just a suitcase and a sax after nearly a decade away. His journey leads him to a quiet Buddhist bed and breakfast, where he befriends hostess Akiko over a few summer weeks. Weaving lush, languid views of island land and seascapes with a soundtrack of experimental free jazz and meditative chimes, August at Akiko’s is a mystical film that lives in the seams between dream, reality, and memory with a time signature all its own.

After the screening and special musical performance by Alex Zhang Hungtai, writer-director Makoto Yogi and Hungtai joined assistant programmer Dan Sullivan for a Q&A. Listen/watch below or click here to subscribe and listen on iTunes.