Takashi Miike takes some questions from the crowd courtesy of a Skype link following the Thursday, March 17 screening of his new samurai epic, 13 ASSASSINS. (photo by Wildman)

Although he couldn't attend due to local concerns following the Japanese earthquake, Takashi Miike appeared via a Skype link to thank the crowd for attending and answer a number of questions about 13 ASSASSINS and his future plans. After saying that he grew up on samurai movies and Bruce Lee films, he was asked if a Kung Fu movie might be next for him. Miike laughed and said his next film would be GREEN HORNET 2.

Miike also was emphatic in his regards for the original version of 13 ASSASSINS (1963), directed by Eiichi Kudo, stating, “The most important thing is to have a respect and love for the original. It gives you a certain freedom. As you look at the original script, changes naturally come to you but you don't approach it with the idea of changing things.'

Asked how much of an influence Kurosawa's SEVEN SAMURAI (1954)was as he made 13 ASSASSINS, Miike replied, “Every Japanese director is influenced by SEVEN SAMURAI, regardless of whether or not they are making an action film.”


Film Society of Lincoln Center's Associate Director of Programming Marian Masone talks to DESERT FLOWER star Liya Kebede at a special FSLC Patrons screening of DESERT FLOWER on Tuesday, March 15. (Photo by Wildman)


DESERT FLOWER star Liya Kebede demonstrates her softball pitching technique to Marian Masone. (Photo by Wildman)


Duncan Jones talks SOURCE CODE with FSLC's Associate Program Director Scott Foundas on Tuesday, March 22. (Photo by Wildman)


Scott Foundas and Duncan Jones following the screening. (Photo by Wildman)

A standing room only crowd thrilled to Duncan Jones' SOURCE CODE at the Walter Reade on Tuesday, March 22. Jones spoke with FSLC's Scott Foundas afterward and said that he has always considered himself a fan of Sci-Fi He recounted that his dad made a point of wanting the kids to read something every night and Jones would always choose Sci-Fi. When asked by Foundas to explain to those in the audience who might not be aware of who his dad is, Jones smiled and said, “He is a musician.”

Jones professed his love for  “What if?” stories and said that Hitchcock's 39 STEPS (1935) and NORTH BY NORTHWEST (1959) were non-Sci-Fi influences on SOURCE CODE. He also talked about his experiences working with Jake Gyllenhaal saying that they bonded early in the development process over a desire to inject humor into the action packed proceedings.