Film at Lincoln Center and Cinecittà announce “Sophia Loren: La Signora di Napoli,” a 13-film retrospective celebrating the beloved Italian star’s essential body of work, to be presented at FLC from June 7 through June 13. This first-ever New York retrospective dedicated to Sophia Loren’s films will feature many brand-new restorations of her most enduring works, as well as an appearance by filmmaker Edoardo Ponti.

Sophia Loren’s eternal beauty, undeniable charisma, and naturalism of ever-surprising depth and sophistication have made her one of the greatest treasures of world cinema. Launched to global fame with her vividly embodied turn in Vittorio De Sica’s Two Women (1960)—for which she won a Cannes Best Actress prize, the British Academy Award, and the Oscar for Best Actress (making history as the first actress to win for a foreign-language film)—Loren represented something startlingly fresh and alluring to audiences from all over: here was perhaps the first international movie star. Moving freely between major Hollywood films and European productions, equally skilled at drama or comedy, she harnessed her versatile charm and earthy intensity for a range of directors—from Altman, Donen, and Chaplin, to Risi, Scola, and, on many occasions, De Sica (up to his final film)—and in indelible roles opposite the likes of Gregory Peck, Marlon Brando, Omar Sharif, and Marcello Mastroianni, with whom she fostered, across 14 features, one of cinema’s greatest on-screen duos.

Acknowledgements: Compass Film; Movietime; Palomar; Rai Cinema; Surf Film; Titanus.

Organized by Florence Almozini and Tyler Wilson of Film at Lincoln Center, and by Paola Ruggiero, Camilla Cormanni, and Marco Cicala of Cinecittà. Co-produced by Cinecittà, Rome.