This week on the Film at Lincoln Center podcast, we’re featuring a special talk with the legendary filmmaker, Madeline Anderson. Cited as the first Black woman to direct a televised documentary film, Anderson’s work shines a light on the workers and activists in the civil rights movement.

Originally recorded in 2015, following a screening of I Am Somebody, Integration Report #1, and A Tribute to Malcolm X at Film at Lincoln Center’s series ‘Tell It Like It Is: Black Independents in New York, 1968 – 1986,’ Anderson sat down with moderator Michelle Materre, an Associate Professor of Media Studies and Film at The New School and the producer, host, and founder of the Creatively Speaking Film Series. When asked about her career, Anderson stated, “I was determined to do what I was going to do at any cost. I kept plugging away. Whatever I had to do, I did it.”

Three of Anderson’s films are now playing on the Criterion Channel.

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