This year marks the 50th anniversary of Film at Lincoln Center. As we reflect on our organization’s legendary past and vibrant present, we know that this historic moment would not have been possible without the support, passion, and commitment of our incredible members and patrons.

This landmark anniversary marks not only a celebration of our history but also a look ahead at the exciting things in store. To commemorate this special occasion, we want to hear directly from all of you. Over the next few months, we will celebrate and showcase our unparalleled community of film lovers, including a Member Spotlight column in the member and patron newsletter that will reflect information collected from you in this form.

For the inaugural spotlight, we spoke with Jono Abrams, a Music Consultant, Supporter-level Patron, and member of our New Wave Steering Committee.

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Thank you for the vital role you have played in the organization’s first 50 years. We look forward to the next 50!

Jono Abrams

Why is cinema so special and important to you?
It’s shaped the way I look at and experience life. Sitting in a theater, being transported by a director’s vision, and more often than not, walking out a changed person.

Do you recall the first movie you ever saw in a movie theater? If so, can you tell us what it was and your experience seeing it?
I just remember being mesmerized!

Do you recall the first movie or event you saw here at FLC or NYFF?
Pedro Almodóvar’s Bad Education.

What is your fondest memory at FLC?
Mike Leigh taking my question during the NYFF Q&A for Mr. Turner. I asked him to discuss the process he uses to decide on the subject of his films and the steps he takes to bring them to the screen.

Why did you become a member or patron of the organization?
The incredible year-round film programming, the monthly Patron screenings and the great conversations that follow, and being a part of the New York Film Festival is something I look forward to all year!

What are your top three (or more!) favorite films? Did you see any of them here at FLC or NYFF?
Raging Bull, Sullivan’s Travels, Citizen Kane, 8 1/2, Pierrot le fou*, Sweet Smell of Success, Roma*, The Heartbreak Kid (1972), The Man in the White Suit, Notorious, The Rider* – *saw at FLC/NYFF

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