Charlie Chaplin’s underappreciated final film (his only in color) finds Sophia Loren as its titular character: Natascha, a passport-less Russian refugee in Hong Kong who escapes prostitution by sneaking into an American diplomat’s (Marlon Brando) ship cabin. Sailing back to the United States following a world tour (and perhaps to divorce his wife), he reluctantly helps secret her to the States despite the stressfully close quarters. Directed with supreme control and restraint by one of cinema’s most expressive comic-romantics, and punctuated by moments of unparalleled slapstick, this quiet chamber comedy is also a moving personal reflection of Chaplin’s own exile and public image. “Few reviewers have bothered to observe that Chaplin’s role is being played by Sophia Loren, the tramp with oversized men’s pajamas and a heart of gold,” Andrew Sarris said upon its release, adding the film was “…the quintessence of everything Chaplin has ever felt.” New 4K restoration courtesy of Universal Studios.

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