Q&A with Edoardo De Angelis on May 30

Edoardo De Angelis (The Vice of Hope, Open Roads 2019; Indivisible, Open Roads 2017) returns to FLC with his latest, a gripping maritime thriller driven by a powerhouse performance from Pierfrancesco Favino. Favino stars as Salvatore Todaro, the Italian Royal Navy officer in charge of the submarine Cappellini in the early years of World War II. After overcoming a shocking ambush on the Atlantic Ocean, Todaro and his men are confronted with a moral quandary: Should they rescue the men who just attacked them, or, as the Fascist authorities have ordered, leave those men to die? The War Machine is a war film in the best sense, eschewing sensationalism and sentimentality in order to closely examine the courage of upholding one’s ethics in times of social rupture.