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Writer Philip Yordan was assigned to develop a story from a single element in Jerome Weidman’s 1941 novel, I’ll Never Go There Any More. His producer, Sol Siegel, was dissatisfied and the assignment was turned over to Mankiewicz. The result, which he wrote (though Yordan received the credit) and directed, was this modern variant on the story of Joseph and his brothers. Edward G. Robinson is the domineering patriarch of the Monetti family, who has built a banking empire based on dubious business practices (the character was partly inspired by Amadeo Giannini, who founded Bank of America). When he is brought up on criminal charges, three of his four sons (played by Luther Adler, Paul Valentine, and Efrem Zimbalist Jr.) refuse to come to their father’s aid, and take control of his business. Only Max (Richard Conte), the favored son, sides with his father, and his brothers wage war on him. House of Strangers is often referred to as a film noir, but it is really a tough and elaborate drama of revenge and regeneration.