Le Jardin des Délices de Jerome Bosch
Jean Eustache, 1979, France, 35m
Hieronymus Bosch’s most emblematic painting is described by Jean-Noël Picq.

Alix’s Pictures
Jean Eustache, 1980, France, 20m
An “essay in the shape of a hoax,” Eustache’s experimental short shows the photographer Alix Cléo Roubaud displaying and describing a series of her photographs to Eustache’s son, Boris. In a riff on Hollis Frampton’s Nostalgia that calls back to Eustache’s career-long experiments with representation and reality, Cléo Roubaud’s narration becomes increasingly out of sync with the imagery on-screen.

Offre d’emploi
Jean Eustache, 1980, France, 21m
Unaware of an employer’s recruitment methods, a man is looking for a job. The film was commissioned by INA on the theme of the labor market, which Eustache takes pleasure in diverting.

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