Q&A with Giorgio Diritti on June 1

Adapted from Mario Cavatore’s 2004 novel Il seminatore, the latest from Giorgio Diritti stars Franz Rogowski as Lubo Moser, an itinerant artist of Yenish descent who, in 1939, is conscripted by the Swiss Army to help defend its border as World War II looms in the near future. He finds out that, in his absence, his children have been arrested as part of a eugenics-influenced national reeducation program, so he sets out to find his children and, if necessary, avenge them. Based on the real-life scandalous “Kinder der Landstrasse” program in Switzerland, Lubo is both an indignant historical examination of this terrible phenomenon and a twisting-and-turning revenge parable rooted in Rogowski’s magnetic performance. A Shadow Distribution release.