North American Premiere

Unfortunately, director John Boorman will no longer attend. Actors Caleb Landry Jones and Vanessa Kirby and producer Kieran Corrigan will introduce the screening.

Rush tickets available! Click here for more info.

A delightful follow-up to John Boorman’s autobiographical World War II childhood memoir<em> Hope and Glory (NYFF ’87), Queen and Country, set in the early 1950s, details the bittersweet rites of passage of the earlier film’s protagonist Bill (Callum Turner), now grown and called up for National Service in the British Army. Instead of being shipped off to Korea, Boorman’s stand-in lands a desk job as a typing instructor, a cushy post but for a military-regulation-fixated Sergeant Major (David Thewlis in top form) who makes life miserable for Bill and his two office mates in an escalating grudge match. Running parallel to this seemingly light service comedy is Bill’s romantic pursuit of an alluring but emotionally troubled Oxford student (Tamsin Egerton) who’s out of his league. A deeply felt film, this loving re-creation of postwar England, fully aware of the still-damaging strictures of the country’s obsolete yet enduring class system despite intimations of a country on the cusp of a new era, is imbued with an unabashed and sincere nostalgia and gentle sense of loss.