Q&A with Déborah Lukumuena on March 6

Well past his prime, once-famed actor Georges (Gérard Depardieu) is struggling with health problems and a reputation for being difficult to work with. While preparing for his latest role, Georges is thrown for a loop when his assistant takes time off, leaving him temporarily dependent on help from replacement security guard (and amateur female wrestler) Aïssa (Déborah Lukumuena). The two develop an increasingly warm and supportive relationship in Constance Meyer’s assured feature debut, whose premise is reminiscent of the unlikely friendship in 2012’s Rendez-Vous selection The Intouchables, but with a drier sense of humor that’s all its own. Front and center is Depardieu, winking at his own image as an increasingly difficult and divisive legend in a part as hilarious as it is poignant.