In person: Friðrik Thór Friðriksson and Thorgeir Guðmundsson!

Just as Icelandic cinema was beginning to emerge onto the world's screens, new music from Iceland was finding a wide array of international fans and supporters. Shot in the crucial season of 1981-82, Rock in Reykjavik captures the music scene just as it was finding its groove. The film features live performances by Tappi Tíkarrass (featuring a teenaged Björk), Ego, Q4U, Purrkur Pillnikk and other key bands of the era–19 in all–plus interviews with some of the key figures. A great document as exciting today as it was when first released.

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B.S.I. | Thorgeir Guðmundsson | 2001 | Iceland | 18m
As all of Iceland gathers for a major music festival, two escapees have a chance encounter in a fast-food joint.