The following selection was curated by the traveling shorts program Quartiers Lointains, which highlights films from distant quarters throughout Africa:

Muhannad Lamin, Libya, 2012, 6m
Lamin’s 80 depicts a man on the two most important days of his life: the day he gets caught and imprisoned and the day he escapes.

The Aftermath of the Inauguration of the Public Toilet at Kilometer 375
Omar El Zohairy,  Egypt,  2014, 18m
Aftermath is an adaptation of Death of a Government Clerk, a short story by Anton Chekhov that takes a metaphorical approach to the idea of fear.

Kanye Kanye
Miklas Manneke, South Africa, 2013, 26m
In a South African township, where an argument over whether red or green apples are better causes the greatest divide in the town’s history, a young man, Thomas, falls in love with Thandi, who falls into the opposite camp.

Madama Esther
Luck Razanajaona, Madagascar, 2013, 15m
After getting fired, Mrs. Esther, a housekeeper in her fifties, may no longer be able to bring her grandson to the sea. So to make extra money, she agrees to harbor clandestine cockfights in her yard.

A Place for Myself
Marie-Clémentine Dusabejambo, Rwanda, 2016, 22m
A five-year-old girl with albinism, Elikia, is made to feel unwanted by her classmates and neighbors. But her mother encourages her to embrace her differences. Together, they stand up for themselves and fight back against discrimination.