Storyboard P has a slender body, and he makes it do impossible things.  His improvised movements—alternately smooth and quivering—grow and sink in slow motion. D’Arcy captures the Brooklyn-born flex artist on his home turf and follows him to Sweden after two female hip-hop dancers invite him there to teach and perform. This encounter is a risky venture for all. Rules and regulations frustrate him, mood swings shake his self-belief, but in life, as in art, the unexpected is just around the corner.

Screening with:

Lost in the Shuffle
Simone Maurice, USA, 2016, 23m
Emmy Award–winning tap dancer and choreographer Jason Samuels Smith returns to his hometown of Jersey City to give free tap classes in an effort to salvage tap culture. Despite the dance’s neglect in black communities, the sight of small kids learning the moves is heartening and hopeful.