Ray Yeung’s third feature follows two closeted elderly married men in Hong Kong—Pak (Tai Bo, A City of Sadness), a taxi driver, and Hoi (Ben Yuen, 2046), a retired single father—who, despite having long suppressed their own desires, take pride in the families they’ve built from societal pressures. But a chance meeting forces them to reflect on the directions their lives took and the love they share with each other and their families. Eschewing tragic melodrama in favor of the subtle tenderness of domestic comfort and stolen moments, Yueng crafts a delicate romance about two men falling in love for the first time in their seventies, and brings to bear with the utmost subtlety the pains of concealment, of paths not taken, and the profoundly complex choice between concealment and self-sacrifice.

“Set in Hong Kong, Suk Suk is a poignant portrayal of two secretly gay men in their twilight years. It explores love, family, regret and takes us to many of the quieter, less glamorous parts of the city.” —Lulu Wang