Director Mark Jackson, producer/cinematographer Jessica Dimmock and star Joslyn Jensen in person for Q&A, moderated by Ted Hope.

Winner of Best Director, Thessaloniki Film Festival; Best Actress, Mar Del Plata Film Festival; and the Someone to Watch Award at the 2012 Film Independent Spirit Awards.

Longing is one of the most powerful emotions in both life and cinema, altering the perception and interpretation of our experiences.  Few films of any scale have captured the essence of longing as well as Mark Jackson’s debut feature, Without, does in both its form and content.  The film’s economy of means helps to deliver a rare truth throughout its beautiful images, quiet tone and the mesmerizing introduction to star Josyln Jensen. Long after it has ended, this multiple prize-winning film still resonates: did we just live a love song, a ghost story, or a quiet thriller? Jackson delivers with his first outing what filmmakers strive for decades to achieve: the realest of real, the beauty of beauty and the sweet pain of a never-ending early love.

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