With only 45 days remaining before Opening Night of the highly anticipated 60th edition of the New York Film Festival, Film at Lincoln Center is excited to honor the festival’s illustrious past and to look ahead toward its future. The countless filmmakers the festival has welcomed since its debut event in 1963 is truly staggering and today we’re thrilled to unveil the teaser trailer for this year’s festival that celebrates our history.

How many familiar faces can you spot? Take a trip down memory lane and watch the brand new NYFF60 teaser below, featuring Matthew Nolan and Stephen Shannon’s new original score for the 50th anniversary of Solaris, which will be performed live at this year’s festival.

Presented by Film at Lincoln Center, the New York Film Festival highlights the best in world cinema and takes place September 30–October 16, 2022. An annual bellwether of the state of cinema that has shaped film culture since 1963, the festival continues an enduring tradition of introducing audiences to bold and remarkable works from celebrated filmmakers as well as fresh new talent.

Feeling nostalgic after watching the NYFF60 teaser? Take our official Letterboxd watch challenge! Through Friday, September 30th, how many past NYFF selections can you watch? Cinephiles are invited to keep track of their viewing on their personal Letterboxd accounts. The members who watch the most NYFF Main Slate films through September 30 will have the chance to win tickets to the 60th New York Film Festival, official NYFF60 merch, and more! Bonus prizes to those that reach 60 and above. Merch prizes will be shipped in U.S. only.

In addition to last week’s Main Slate announcement, the Spotlight section of NYFF60 was revealed this morning, with further announcements to arrive in the coming weeks. Don’t miss out: get early access to NYFF60 with a Festival Pass (limited quantities on sale now!) or by becoming an FLC Member (currently 30% off through Friday with promo code NYFF60) here.

Are you a member of the press or industry and are interested in attending the festival? P&I accreditation is currently open for submissions through August 31st at 5pm ET. Apply here.

Interested in volunteering at the festival? We are seeking dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers to assist a number of departments including Production, Marketing, Development, Videography, Special Events, Theater Ops, and several others. Learn more here.

We look forward to seeing you at the festival and sharing new memories with us for the next 60 years!