Buy your tickets in advance for the chance to win a DVD of Army of Shadows (now out of print) or Sweet Movie courtesy of the Criterion Collection! Winners will be notified by email in advance of Thursday's screenings.

He shot stoic Resistance leaders for Jean-Pierre Melville, wistful aristocrats for James Ivory, and dreamy romantics for Robert Bresson. Over the course of a half-century-long career, the great Pierre Lhomme has made an unmistakable mark on the history of cinematography in France and abroad, creating a body of work remarkable both for its flexibility of tone and unity of vision. In advance of the opening of the new restoration of Lhomme and Chris Marker’s landmark documentary Le Joli Mai (at Film Forum from September 13), we present a double bill showcasing the range of Lhomme’s gifts: a pairing of the radical, black-and-white Marker documentary Be Seeing You with its sequel, Class of Struggle, and a special presentation of Melville’s magisterial color epic Army of Shadows.